Journey Beyond

Beyond the destination

it's about the journey. 

"It feels like drinking diamond dust." 

Amélie Nothomb

Treat yourself to a wonderful getaway to the country side. But not just any countryside, the one and only Champagne! Yes, Champagne like in the world renoun bubbly golden and delicious drink. Discover the fascinating history, experience the making process, contemplate the beautiful vines and don't forget to savour the delicious beverage, care-free. 

Journey Beyond offers you an unforgettable experience visiting the prestigious cellars, such as Möet et Chandon, Tattinger, Veuve Clicquot, as well as more intimate and exclusive houses at your request. You will be accompanied at all times by a professional and charming guide and driver, happy to answer your questions and satisfy your requests. 

We offer two types of tour formulas. The "Discovery Tour" and "A la carte Tour". The first one offers a tour with visits, tastings, lunch and ride, all inclusive. The "A la carte" Tour offers more freedom and flexibility to the client's demands ranging from special grape variety, such as champagne with a low amount of sugar or for specific "Cru". Both tours are private. You will be picked up early in the morning and dropped off at the end of the day at the place of your choosing. For more information, see below. 

The Two Tours

What is included?

What is included? 

Schedule and visits are subject to change depending on your wishes.

Typical day in Champagne

About JB 

My name is Jean Baptiste and I've been travelling and living in different parts of the world since I was a kid. From these journeys I've developed a genuine curiosity for other people, their stories, their cultures and the richness of their environments. Add to that my passion for gastronomy, oenology and the road; you get Journey Beyond. 

Far more than just driving you, I'm at your full disposal to guide you at my best, so you could comfortably enjoy an unforgettable journey, through an exceptional and beautiful region, witch contains riches and hidden gems that still never cease to amaze me.

"Jean Baptiste was an excellent tour guide, he was well versed in the history of the region and offered a lot of insight, he was very nice too. Would 100% do again." 

Lina - 02/20 Mywinedays

"Jean Baptiste was a terrific tour guide to the Champagne region."

 Marilyn - 10/19 Mywinedays